Arnaud Zimmern



Areas of Interest 
Early Modern literature, medicine, science, and religion

Southern Methodist University, B.A. in English, World Languages (French & German), and Mathematics (Pure)

Arnaud is a Ph.D. candidate in English, specialized in early modern literature, concurrently pursuing a graduate minor in the History and Philosophy of Science. His primary research interests lie in the literary and narrative dimensions of medical thought and practice. His dissertation traces the literary history of universal remedies, or panaceas, in the 17th century. It reexamines how therapeutic promises and hopes were articulated by comparing the writings of little-known physicians such as Everard Maynwaring and Francis Anthony with the perspectives of Bacon, Spenser, Shakespeare, Margaret Cavendish, and Milton.

Arnaud also keeps a toe in the Digital Humanities. He is an active collaborator on the Women Writers Project's Intertextuality Networks Research Initiative. His project – entitled 'Molière X Cavendish: Braiding the Politics of Dialogue" – seeks to reveal similarities between the plays of Cavendish and those of Jean-Baptiste Molière, especially in their depictions of learned women, by using new visualization tools and quantitative methods.

Recent Scholarly Activity


"Upright in the Void: When John Donne Arrives in Heaven," John Donne Journal, vol. 36, forthcoming.

"Pariah and Parvenu: Reading 'Cyclops' Two Ways with Hannah Arendt," James Joyce Quarterly, forthcoming.

"One-World Ambitions: Reading Donne's Globalism Otherwise Post-9/11," in Marginal Figures in the Global Middle Ages and Renaissance, edited by Meg Lota Brown, Brepols, forthcoming.

"The Digital Cavendish Project," Spenser Review 48.3.11 (Fall 2018)

"Bad Math and Poor Eyesight: Reconfiguring Dante’s Hellscape." Clarion Review (March 2014). Web.



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"Braiding Red Riding Hood." TEDxSMU. Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX. Spring 2014. Presentation