As an English major at Notre Dame you’ll spend time in small classes reading, analyzing, and discussing fascinating literature.

You’ll read canonical and lesser-known literary works, study issues of literacy and rhetoric, investigate the symbolic systems that shape cultural meaning, and craft original poetry and prose.

English majors enjoy the atmosphere of small classes and immediate contact with faculty.

Arts and Letters students from every major succeed in business, graduate or professional school, or full-time service. Learn more about the career outcomes of all of our graduates, including English majors.

Electives include courses in the several periods of British, Irish, American and other literatures written in English from their origins to the present. They also include courses in the genres of literature, in major authors, in literacy and rhetoric, in literary theory and the history of criticism, and in creative writing.

All courses taught in the department, not just those designated as writing courses, contain significant writing components.

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