The English Department at Notre Dame educates undergraduate and graduate students in literature written in English, literature’s cultural and interpretive contexts, creative writing, and, in Emerson’s phrase, creative reading.

There is then creative reading as well as creative writing. When the mind is braced by labor and invention, the page of whatever book we read becomes luminous . . . and the sense of our author is as broad as the world.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson, The American Scholar

Pursuing English at Notre Dame means the study of creative reading and writing on many levels, from the interpretation and appreciation of texts of various kinds to the production of scholarly and imaginative works for publication.

From first-year seminars to doctoral seminars, small classes allow for intellectual engagement through group discussion and personal writing instruction.

We are home to more than 300 majors, 60 Ph.D. students, 22 master of fine arts students, and a faculty of 41 who are committed to critical and aesthetic pluralism and to imaginative teaching.

A vital tradition of literary internationalism sends many of our students for a term or year to Notre Dame’s centers in London and Dublin.

To affirm the human dignity of all, the members of this department support and actively work to ensure the inclusion of our faculty, staff and students regardless of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.