Notre Dame Faculty and Students featured in Massachusetts Review issue on Climate Crisis

Author: Knoppers, Laura

MR Climate-ND ENGL Fac
MR Climate-Scranton ed

The December 21 special issue of Massachusetts Review on climate crisis centrally features work by Notre Dame faculty, students, and alumni.  The issue was co-edited and introduced by Roy Scranton, and includes contributions from Laura Walls, Johannes Göransson, and Xavier Navarro Aquino, as well as from MFA student Austyn Wohlers, and MFA alumnus Joseph Thomas.  Other contributors include Amitav Ghosh, Rob Nixon, Sarah Vaughn, and Shailja Patel.  Many pieces in this issue are works of witness, a key mode in the literature of ecological crisis, while others are hybrids—fiction, poetry, and prose—an adaptive response to the threats posed to our planet’s cultural and biological diversity.  The issue is dedicated to the memory of one of the last great “nature writers,” Barry Lopez.