Abigail Rawleigh Named Winner of the 2023 Distinguished First Chapter Award

Author: Blake Holman

Abigail Scott Rawleigh Headshot

The Graduate Studies Committee is delighted to announce that the winner of this year's Distinguished First Chapter Award is Abigail Rawleigh

Abigail's first chapter is "Domesticity and the Wilderness In Roger Williams’s A Key Into The Language Of America.” This deeply researched and elegantly argued reading of Roger Williams’s A Key into the Language of America uncovers the radical formulations of hospitality animating this multivalent, boundary-scrambling, estranging text. The chapter stands out for its deft combination of theoretical sophistication and close reading, as well as its elegant prose and refined structure.. Surefooted in its navigation of historical context and rich in theoretical sophistication, this marvelous first chapter promises a dissertation of unusual distinction.

Please join the members of the Graduate Studies Committee in congratulating Abby!