Johannes Göransson

Professor, English

Professor, English
209 Decio Faculty Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556


Areas of study

  • American
  • Creative Writing


Ph.D., University of Georgia

MFA, University of Iowa

B.A., University of Minnesota

Research interests

Research and teaching interests

American Poetry, Swedish Poetry, Poetry in Translation, Translation Theory,


Johannes Göransson has books in many different genre, ranging from lyric poems to impossible theater and criticism. He has also published books by many prominent Swedish, Finland Swedish and Korean poets, including Aase Berg, Ann Jäderlund, Eva Kristina Olsson, Henry Parland and Kim Yideum. He teaches classes in poetry writing, gothic literature and translation theory.

Representative publications

Summer, Transgressive Circulation: Essays on Translation, With Deer by Aase Berg, Which once was meadow by Ann Jäderlund