Faculty by Alpha

Name Specialties Email
Chris Abram Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse literature and culture cabram@nd.edu
Xavier Navarro Aquino Postcolonial Studies; Caribbean Literature; Latin American Literature; Contemporary Fiction; Contemporary Poetry xnavarr2@nd.edu
Laura Betz Romantic literature, eighteenth-century British literature lbetz@nd.edu
Dionne Irving Bremyer Fiction and Creative Nonfiction Writing; Caribbean Literatures; Contemporary Literature; Antiracist Writing Pedagogies; Climate Change; African American Literature; Narratology dbremyer@nd.edu
James M. Collins Digital culture, postmodernism, cultural theory, narrative Collins.3@nd.edu
Nan Z. Da Comparative literature, critical theory, Chinese and American literature, transnationalism, theories of the book and reading nz.da@nd.edu
Noreen Deane-Moran The novel: structure and form; Middle English romance; linguistics; English for non-native speakers Noreen.Deane-Moran.1@nd.edu
Ranjodh Singh Dhaliwal Media Studies; Science and Technology Studies; Critical Theory; 20th- and 21st-century Art, Literature and Culture; Race, Labor and Political Economy; Game Studies; Science Fiction Studies; Critical Making rdhaliwa@nd.edu
John Duffy Ethics, rhetoric, literacy, writing pedagogy jduffy@nd.edu
Stephen M. Fallon 17th-century literature, Milton, literature and the history of philosophy fallon.1@nd.edu
Johannes Göransson Modernism, modern American poetry, modern Swedish poetry, translation theory jgoranss@nd.edu
Barbara J. Green British Modernism, modern periodical studies, feminist print culture green.15@nd.edu
Sandra M. Gustafson American literature and culture, the American novel, political theory, peace studies, and the study of civil and human rights gustafson.6@nd.edu
Susan Cannon Harris Irish literature, drama, performance theory, gender studies, LGBTQ literature, modern British fiction, and crime fiction sharris2@nd.edu
Peter Holland Shakespeare and performance pholland@nd.edu
Romana Huk 20th-century British literature, postmodern poetries huk.1@nd.edu
Cyraina Johnson-Roullier Modern, American, and African American literatures; literature of the Americas; cultural, race, feminist and postcolonial theory; transnational, interdisciplinary and comparative studies johnson.64@nd.edu
Essaka Joshua Romantic-era and Victorian British literature, disability studies, myth and folklore ejoshua@nd.edu
Michelle Karnes Late medieval literature, philosophy, and religion michellekarnes@nd.edu
Matthew Kilbane Twentieth-Century American Literatures; Poetry and Poetics; Media Studies; Digital Humanities  mkilban3@nd.edu
Chanté Mouton Kinyon Transnational African American literature and culture, Irish literature cmoutonk@nd.edu
Laura L. Knoppers 17th-century British literature, Milton, early women writers, gender in history, English Revolution, print culture and propaganda, poetry and poetics Laura.L.Knoppers.3@nd.edu
Greg P. Kucich British Romanticism Gregory.P.Kucich.1@nd.edu
Jesse Lander Shakespeare, Tudor-Stuart drama, Renaissance literature, history of books jlander@nd.edu
Tim Machan Medieval language and literature, historical English linguistics tmachan@nd.edu
Sara Marcus American Literature, African American Literature, Performance Studies, Sound Studies, Popular Music smarcus2@nd.edu
Kate Marshall 20th- and 21st-century American literature; media and technology; critical theory kmarshall@nd.edu
Sara Maurer 19th-century literature of Great Britain and Ireland, gender studies, post-colonial studies, the novel smaurer1@nd.edu
Barry McCrea Modernism; modern European, Irish, and Latin American literature; narrative; sexuality and the novel bmccrea1@nd.edu
Joyelle McSweeney Poetry, prose, translation, theory Joyelle.McSweeney.5@nd.edu
Orlando Menes Poetry writing, Latino/a literature, Caribbean literature, translation omenes@nd.edu
Susannah Monta Renaissance/Reformation literature Susannah.B.Monta.1@nd.edu
Ernest Morrell English Education, the African Diaspora, Media and Popular Culture, Literacy and Freedom, Postcolonial Studies, Literature for Children


Ian Newman 18th- and 19th-century British literature inewman@nd.edu
Francisco Robles Chicanx Literature, African American Literature, American Literatures, Postcolonial Literature frobles1@nd.edu
Mark Sanders African-American literature of the 20th century and Afro-Latino literature and culture msander6@nd.edu
Roy Scranton Creative nonfiction, fiction, literary journalism, war writing, environmental humanities, 20th century American literature Roy.W.Scranton.1@nd.edu
Yasmin Solomonescu Romanticism, persuasion and rhetoric, cognition, epistemology, literary theory solomonescu.1@nd.edu
David Wayne Thomas 19th-century British literature, critical theory Thomas.205@nd.edu
Steve Tomasula Fiction and other narrative writing, 20th- and 21st-century literature tomasula.4@nd.edu
Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing; Literatures of Exile and Resistance; Memory Studies; Space Studies; Middle Eastern Literature; Latin American and Iberian Literature; American Literature; Postcolonial Theory; Ethics and Aesthetics of the Novel. avanderv@nd.edu
Elliott Visconsi English and American literature 1550-1800; law, history, and political thought; First Amendment & freedom-of-expression law; digital strategy in higher education eviscons@nd.edu
Laura Dassow Walls American Transcendentalism, literature and science, ecocriticism lwalls@nd.edu