Elizabeth F. Evans


Visiting Assistant Professor of English
Concurrent Faculty in Gender Studies

Specialties: Late 19th-, 20th-, and 21st-century British and Anglophone literature; modernist studies; postcolonial theory; gender studies; spatial theory and cultural geography

Degrees: B.A., The University of Puget Sound; M.A. and Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison; Postgraduate Research Fellow, the University of Warwick

Elizabeth Evans works on literature and culture of the long twentieth century (from the late nineteenth century to the present), with an emphasis on fiction of the former British Commonwealth. She is currently completing a book on gendered identities and London spaces in British and colonial narratives of the modernist period. In this study, Evans argues that modernist experimentation was thematically and formally shaped by widespread contemporary debates about women’s increasing public presence as workers and pleasure seekers in the city. Portions of this project have been published as essays and book chapters on George Gissing, Amy Levy, Una Marson, and Virginia Woolf.

Professor Evans is also working on a second book project on air power and aerial views in British and Anglophone writing from the early twentieth century to the present. The invention of the airplane transformed the possibilities for communication and travel, but it also introduced new modes of warfare and imperial control. In this project, Evans explores how the airplane held in tension new ways of seeing others: freedom from the limitations of earth-bound, parochial perspectives and a dangerous sense of mastery derived from a view from above.

Professor Evans’s teaching is deeply influenced by the interdisciplinary nature of her research and by her interest in identity construction and performance. Many of her courses have engaged with ethical questions surrounding the representation of those regarded as “Others” by virtue of their perceived race, gender, class, or nationality. Her recent courses have included “Literature and Empire: Colonial and Postcolonial British and Anglophone Literature,” “London, World City,” “Imagining the Modern City,” “Contemporary British Fiction,” “Twentieth-Century World Literature by Women,” and “Writing India.”

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