Senior Major English Spotlight - Hank McNeil

Author: Lisa Holderman

Senior English Major Spotlight Hank Cropped 3

Hank loves birds, having volunteered at a bird sanctuary in high school and worked with falcons over time. He continues to birdwatch here at Notre Dame. Before ultimately choosing to double major in English and Film, Television, and Theatre (FTT), Hank even considered studying ornithology, or the study of birds! Now, as a student focused on literary and cinematic studies, Hank sees the interrelatedness of these two different modes of storytelling. His two areas of study work together to amplify his creative thinking and understanding of stylistic choices and devices in texts and films. Not only does he always feel prepared to discuss any film on an English course syllabus, but his time spent in the Browning Cinema and in English class discussions inspire his creative writing and script-writing. On campus, in addition to his birdwatching, Hank works on the Student Programming Committee at the Raclin Murphy Museum of Art, helping to plan student-facing events for the museum. An avid tabletop game player, Hank can often be found playing games at Griffon Bookstore in South Bend.

Following graduation from Notre Dame, Hank hopes to attend a graduate studies program for film directing. Hank will also be submitting his thesis short film “We Must Create Magnificence” to film festivals, and will continue freelance video editing. Ten years from now, Hank hopes to have evolved and grown as a film director, creating a distinctive style that allows him to choose his own compelling projects. Additionally, he hopes to have created films that are loved by audiences and niche communities! Overall, Hank is deeply committed to pursuing storytelling.