Senior English Major Spotlight - Felicity Wong

Author: Lisa Holderman

Felicity Wong

Felicity says that she has been a writer nearly her entire life. She wrote her first story at the age of five and completed her first novel in the sixth grade. Today, she is applying her English and writing experience, along with her other areas of study, across several disciplines. Her secondary major in Art History and her minor in Philosophy, Politics, Economics have further developed her interests in fashion theory and have helped to shape the current novel she is writing. In addition to writing her novel, she is a writer forĀ Strike Magazine, a social media intern for the Glynn Family Honors Program, and a marketing intern with Notre Dame Press. Her previous experiences include being an undergraduate research fellow with the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study and Klau Institute of Civil and Human Rights affiliate. She has been a member of Mustard (a creative writing club), Student Government, and Project Fresh.

Following graduation Felicity would like to continue her education and complete either an MFA program for fictional prose or a Ph.D. program in art history. She also plans to look for grants in the area of fashion/textiles. In addition to continuing her education she plans to find work in an editorial, marketing, or gallery capacity. In ten years, she hopes to have completed a graduate degree and had her prose fiction published, and she hopes to have a continued love for writing about literature, art and fashion.