English Ph.D. Alumni Spotlight: Logan Quigley ('22)

Author: Blake Holman

Logan Quigley2

Logan Quigley serves as a content editor for an educational publisher, Great Minds. He's also a co-creator of the podcast The Multicultural Middle Ages, which brings scholarship from medieval studies to audiences beyond the university.

Logan calls the Ph.D. program "five years of skill building," out of recognition for the diversity of opporutnities within the course of study. At Notre Dame, all English Ph.D. students take on various roles such as TAs, instructors, journal editors, writing tutors, or research assistants, and even more professional expeirences are supported by PD funding.  Logan took advantage of these opportunites to expore different types of work—enormously helpful in allowing him to reflect on his values, desires, and goals.

He continues to value the relationships and human connections that the program enabled:

Don't underestimate the connections you'll make while working on the degree: the people you meet and develop relationships with may be hugely important in helping you make career transitions, stay connected to your discipline, embark on new projects, connect you with other great people.

Logan's projects continue as The Multicultural Middle Ages embarks on its third season, partnering with the journal Speculum to produce more public-facing scholarship.