English Ph.D. Alumni Spotlight: Bryan Santin ('17)

Author: Blake Holman

Bryan Santin

Bryan Santin is an Associate Professor and Co-chair of the English Department at Concordia University Irvine.  He is the author of Postwar American Fiction and the Rise of Modern Conservatism: A Literary History, 1945—2008  and edotor of The Cambridge Companion to the Twentieth-Century American Novel and Politics

He remains grateful to Notre Dame for giving him the permission to be ambitious, to ask big, interdisciplinary questions and find compelling answers. Describing his expeirence, Bryan writes: 

Notre Dame’s English PhD program taught me how to approach research in ways that were both systematic and creative. There is an art to asking the kind of research question that can one day turn into a book.
Bryan teaches courses in American literature, world literature, and composition and rhetoric, covering a wide range of literary geographies and time periods—a reminder and an inspiration to current and prosepective students to value breadth, while also building specialized expertise for engaging with particular subjects in depth.