English Department Statement on Police Violence

Author: Andrew Deliyannides

The English Department faculty joins our graduate students in condemning racially motivated violence in the killing of George Floyd and many others, including Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. We stand together with communities of color and all who work in solidarity against police repression and systemic racism. As educators, we believe it is our responsibility to denounce the legacies of slavery in this country and to support antiracist thought and action. We take seriously our role in dismantling white supremacy and anti-blackness and recognize that educational institutions are central to the long and worthy road to reparations. We acknowledge the histories of coloniality and racism that have shaped English, American, and Comparative Literature as disciplines. As a department we aspire to a curriculum that examines and resists institutional and systemic racism and fully support our faculty members whose courses expose the ways in which the psychic, material, and spiritual oppression of peoples of color has been systematically concealed. We affirm and celebrate the voices, perspectives, and insights of our students and faculty of color and aim to grow into a yet more diverse department.