Creative Writing Reading Series ft. Cleveland Review of Books (William Lennon, Zach Peckham, and Hilary Plum)


Location: 232 Decio Commons

William Lennon is a writer based in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the publisher of the Cleveland Review of Books.

Zach Peckham is a writer, editor, and educator. His poems, essays, and reviews have appeared in jubilat, Territory, Poetry Northwest, Always Crashing, American Book Review, and elsewhere. He holds an MFA in poetry from the NEOMFA and teaches at Cleveland State and the Cleveland Institute of Art. He is the managing editor at the CSU Poetry Center and editor-in-chief of the Cleveland Review of Books.

Hilary Plum has worked in small press, independent, and/or academic book and journal publishing since 2004. She teaches at Cleveland State University and is associate director of the CSU Poetry Center and an editor with Rescue Press. She’s the author of five books, including the essay collection Hole Studies (Fonograf, 2022) and the volume of poetry Excisions (Black Lawrence, 2023). With Zach Peckham she co-hosts the podcast Index for Continuance. Recent work has appeared in the Cleveland Review of Books, the Los Angeles Review of Books, Granta, American Poetry Review, College Literature, Fence, and elsewhere.