Johannes Goransson Reading Translations


Location: Hammes Campus Bookstore

Goransson will  read from recent translations of Korean poet Kim Yideum, Aase Berg’s Hackers, Ann Jäderlund’s Which once had been meadow, Helena Boberg’s Sense Violence as well as an issue of the journal Interim that he just edited which features 20 contemporary Swedish poets.

Johannes Göransson is the author of eight books, including The Sugar Book, the memoir Poetry Against All  (forthcoming) and a critical book about translation, Transgressive Circulation (forthcoming). He has translated a number of books, including most recently Cheer Up Femme Fatale (from Korean) by Kim Yideum, Hackers by Swedish poet Aase Berg, Sense Violence by Helena Boberg and Which once had been meadow by Swedish poet Ann Jäderlund. He teaches at the University of Notre Dame and edits Action Books.