Timothy Morton Lecture


Location: McKenna Hall Auditorium


A plenary address of the 27th Annual Meeting of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA). McKenna Hall Auditorium.

Timothy Morton is Professor and Rita Shea Guffy Chair in English at Rice University, author most recently of Ecology Without Nature (2007) and The Ecological Thought (2010). Earlier work includes Shelley and the Revolution in Taste: The Body and the Natural World (1995), The Poetics of Spice: Romantic Consumerism and the Exotic (2010), Radical Food: The Culture and Politics of Eating and Drinking, 1790-1820 (3 volumes, Routledge 2000), and Cultures of Taste/Theories of Appetite: Eating Romanticism (Palgrave 2004).

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