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The Ph.D. in English at Notre Dame is a highly selective doctoral program that trains graduate students to enter the academic profession of literary studies. Ph.D. students enjoy access to a world-class faculty practicing a variety of methodological and interdisciplinary approaches within a collegial and supportive community. Our students receive:

  • highly competitive financial support (five guaranteed years of funding with very light service burdens, competitive summer funding, travel for  research and professional development)
  • ample training in pedagogy and opportunities to teach both writing and literature
  • professional development resources as well as placement support for academic and non-academic careers
  • access to the resources of a leading international university (with vibrant study centers in Dublin, London, Rome, and elsewhere). 

Ph.D. students are trained to combine scholarly expertise in a research area with the literary range necessary to be effective professionals, teachers, and colleagues. The English Department has close ties with Notre Dame’s other leading humanities departments such as Theology, History, and Philosophy as well as deep bonds with strong record of collaboration with world-class programs such as the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies and the renowned ND Medieval Institute. Key alliances and opportunities include the following:

The English Department runs a two-year autonomous MA program. The MA program provides a general introduction to literary studies at the graduate level; admission is restricted to the following groups: alumni of Notre Dame and St. Mary’s College; holders of certain distinguished study fellowships with portable funding (international students with government funding, service members with tuition scholarships for graduate study).

 Information about Note Dame’s MFA Program in Creative Writing is accessible here.

Questions regarding the English PhD, MA, and MFA programs can be directed to the Director of Graduate Studies, Susan Harris, via email at or phone at (574) 631-7226.

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