2021 English Department Writing Award Winners

Tom Brennan Prize for Excellence in Writing – Mitchell Johnson

Mitchell Johnson Headshot

Winning Paper Entitled: The Noble Nick








Eleanor Meehan Prize for Literary Excellence – David Phillips

David Phillips Headshot

Winning Paper Entitled: “Whichever Way They Felt Like and Wanted:” Gender and Materiality in the Work of Carson McCullers








Richard T. Sullivan Award for Fiction Writing – Alexandra Ford

Winning Paper Entitled: "Credo"


Billy Maich Academy of American Poets Prize - Anna Benedict

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Ernest Sandeen Poetry Award –  Isabel Niforatos

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Outstanding Senior Thesis Awards - Elizabeth Allgaier & Elinor McCarthy

Elizabeth's Winning Paper Entitled: From Students to Educators: How African American Male Teachers’ Experiences Inform Classroom Practices

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Elinor's Winning Paper Entitled: “What Have We to Do with Thee?”: Ethel Voynich’s The Gadfly as a Case Study in World Literature

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Outstanding Student in Pre-1700 Literature - William LaMarra

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Outstanding Creative Writing Student - Anna Benedict

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James E. Robinson Award for Outstanding English Major -  David Phillips

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