2017 English Department Writing Award Winners

Tom Brennan Prize for Excellence in Writing - Brooke Zentmeyer

Winning Paper Entitled: "Dante Wouldn't Put Up with this Krapp: Eyes & Embodiment in Krapp's Last Tape"

Eleanor Meehan Award For Literary Excellence - Jennifer Cha



Winning Paper Entitled:

"Maximally Unironic": Don Gately as a Case Study in Hegemonic and Postmodernist Masculinity in Infinite Jest

Richard T. Sullivan Award For Fiction Writing - Matthew R. Smith



Winning Paper Entitled: "On the Train"








Billy Maich Academy of American Poets Prize - Grace Polleys (MFA Graduate student)


Ernest Sandeen Poetry Award -  Madeline Lewis


Outstanding Senior Thesis Award - Katherine Girdhar

The Leech in Literature: The Scarlet Letter and Sovereignty Politics Exposed by the Physician Character in 19th Century American Literature

Outstanding Student in Pre-1700 Literature - Erin Warwood
Outstanding Creative Writing Student - Matthew Munro


James E. Robinson Award for Outstanding English Major -  Allison Griffith