Transfer Credit

General Requirements

  • In order to ensure that credit for English courses will transfer you must obtain the signature of the Director of Undergraduate Studies on a Transfer Credit Form. Along with this form you must submit a course description, a syllabus, and the web address of the department offering the course. Bring the form and documentation to the Department of English in 233 Decio. We attempt to provide a response within twenty-four hours.
  • All courses must meet the standards set forth by the College of Arts and Letters. These guidelines state that the courses should correspond in length, number of contact hours, and content to courses offered at Notre Dame, either in the regular academic year or in the Summer Session. For details, see the A&L Office of Undergraduate Studies policies.

University or College of Arts and Letters Literature or Fine Arts Requirement Credit

  • If you wish to receive transfer credit for a course satisfying the university or college literature or fine arts requirement indicate this in your request.
  • Note that the English Department can only certify courses as satisfying the literature requirement for literature in English. For courses in literatures other than English, see the appropriate language and literature department.

English Major Credit

  • Courses counting toward the English major must be offered at level equivalent to Notre Dame 30xxx or 40xxx courses. In general if the course counts toward the English major at the institution you wish to attend it is likely to count for major credit here.
  • The English Department ordinarily accepts only two courses taken outside of Notre Dame towards the major.
  • In order to get English major credit students in Dublin should take courses listed by University College or Trinity at the 2xxx or 3xxx level.