Frequently Asked Questions

How do I declare a major in English?

Contact Kelly Huth in the English Dept., 233 Decio Hall, or at 631-7226. She will set up an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, who will discuss the major with you, explain the requirements, and help you choose your first majors-level classes.

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Can I declare an English major while studying abroad?

No. You must declare your English major before you leave Notre Dame, or else you will have to wait until your next time on campus.

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Who will be my advisor?

See the Advising page. Note that for Study Abroad applications the Director of Undergraduate Studies serves as your advisor.

Do 20XXX-level English courses count toward my English major?

No. A 20XXX-level literature course can be used to satisfy your University or College literature requirement, and a 20XXX creative writing class will satisfy your University or College fine arts requirement.

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What if I want to study abroad?

Yes, absolutely. What better way to learn about Shakespeare than to go to England or about Joyce than to go to Ireland? For more advice see our English Major Study Abroad page.

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Do courses taken during study abroad count toward my English major?

See our Transfer Credit and Study Abroad pages.

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May I receive credit towards the major for courses taken at other colleges or universities?

See our Transfer Credit page.

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