2020 Honors Thesis Abstracts, Photos, & Personal Reflections

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Nicole Matthias

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Nicole's Honors Thesis Abstract
Advisor: Valerie Sayers


Micah is a novel-screenplay hybrid that portrays the crimes of a young man desperate to feel remorse. The violent urge that pushes him to kill shares the same base desire that pushes others to indulge in simpler guilty pleasures. This thriller employs conventions of the genre while also diving deep into our justifications for acting in destructive ways. While we wonder if anyone is safe from Micah, we also consider his motivations and desires, attempting to map them on to our own.

            Inspired by television shows like You and novels like American Psycho, the character Micah represents a darker side of humanity that people do not often care to read about. However, it is there, and it exists in each and every one of us to differing degrees. Micah, therefore, is a satire, a wild exaggeration of what happens when our fantasies go unchecked. As a novel-screenplay hybrid, Micah represents various forms of media and comments on their effects on how people interact with the world. It is meant to unnerve the reader and force them to reconsider how they view the people around them: are they tools for entertainment or friends deserving of love and care? This experiment called Micah pushes the bounds of fiction to invite the reader to look deeper into its pages.