Creative Writing Honors Concentration

Creative Writing Honors Concentrators complete all the requirements of the English Major and the Creative Writing Concentration and write a Creative Thesis their senior year under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Interested students should apply in the spring of their junior year.

The Creative Thesis may take the form of a stories, novella, poetry collection, essay collection, or a hybrid project of your own devising as approved by the Director of Creative Writing. In addition to the creative project itself, the completed thesis will include a 10-15 page critical introduction, an abstract, and a works cited.


Students who wish to join the Creative Writing Honors Concentration and write a Creative Thesis must:

  • Have an English Department GPA of 3.78 or above (3.6 at the discretion of the Director of Creative Writing) and have completed 3 English courses, 2 at the 30xxx or above level
  • Complete all the requirements for the English Major.
  • Complete all the requirements in the Concentration in Creative Writing.
  • Write and submit a creative thesis according to the deadlines below under the supervision of a faculty advisor.
  • For thesis requirements and deadlines click here.
1) Creative Writing Honors Concentrators are required to take a Creative Writing Honors Colloquium in the Fall of their Senior year. Honors Colloquium may be counted towards their four required creative writing courses. 
2)  Creative Writing Honors Concentrators may count one 200-level creative writing course towards the honors concentration.

The application form includes a 250-word project proposal; a list of creative writing courses taken; and a list of preferred faculty advisors. Please note: we cannot ensure first choice of faculty advisors. Deadline for Applications: February 22, 2022.

Ready?Apply here.

When you are paired with your advisor you will have to go to the department of your major to ask the DUS or the admin. to create an eForm to amend your curriculum status.