Creative Writing Concentration Requirements

Creative writing concentrators rethink literature from the inside, integrating literary study with genre-based workshops. In addition to mastering the skills of working writers, our students think critically and creatively about the complexity and diversity of US writing; about the place of US writers in the global literary conversation; about the current and future role of digital media in creative writing; and about the potential of literature as a tool for social justice. Our concentrators acquire skills which will serve them for a life in writing after graduation and prepare them for literary careers.

Students who wish to graduate with a Concentration in Creative Writing must:

  • Complete all the requirements for the English Major.
  • Complete four creative writing courses. These courses may include:  Introduction to Poetry Writing; Introduction to Fiction Writing; Poetry Writing; Fiction Writing; Creative Non-fiction; Advanced Fiction Writing; Advanced Poetry Writing; and Special Topics in Creative Writing. Other creative writing courses may also count towards the concentration; please consult Creative Writing Director, Joyelle McSweeney and confirm that the course you wish to take counts for the concentration.
  • A Creative Writing Concentrator must take either Advanced Fiction, Advanced Creative Nonfiction or Advanced Poetry.
  • No more than one 200-level creative writing course counts toward the concentration.
  • Three of the creative writing courses a student takes for the Creative Writing Concentration may double count towards the English major; the remaining course may not. Therefore, an English Major with a Creative Writing Concentration normally takes 11 courses, while a regular English Major only takes ten courses. Double counted courses must be at the 300- or 400- level.
  • Spring of Junior Year is the ideal time to apply for a concentration in creative writing

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