Journals Edited within the English Department


Early American Literature

Early American Literature is the journal of the Modern Language Association's American Literature Division 1.  It publishes the finest work of scholars examining American literature from its inception through the early national period, about 1830. Founded in 1965, EAL invites work treating Native American traditional expressions, colonial Ibero-American literature from North America, colonial American Francophone writings, Dutch colonial, and German American colonial literature as well as writings in English from British America and the U.S.


Milton Studies

Published annually by Duquesne University Press as an important forum for Milton scholarship and criticism, Milton Studies focuses on various aspects of John Milton’s life and writing, including biography; literary history; Milton’s work in its literary, intellectual, political, or cultural contexts; Milton’s influence on or relationship to other writers; and the history of critical response to his work.


Notre Dame Review

The Notre Dame Review is an independent, non-commercial magazine of contemporary American and international fiction, poetry, criticism and art.


Post45 is a collective of scholars that publishes groundbreaking work on U.S. literature and culture since the Second World War in venues including the journals Post45 Peer-Reviewed, Post45 Contemporaries, and in a Stanford University Press Book series. Notre Dame sponsors a graduate student RAship to support the organization’s editorial activities and annual symposium. 


Religion and Literature

Religion and Literature is a scholarly journal providing a forum for discussion of the relations between two crucial human concerns, the religious impulse and the literary forms of any era, place, or language. Religion and Literature publishes articles, review essays, and book notices three times a year.


Shakespeare Survey

Shakespeare Survey, published by Cambridge University Press, is a leading international journal in Shakespeare, and Shakespeare and performance.


Spenser Studies

Spenser Studies: A Renaissance Poetry Annual is devoted to the study of Edmund Spenser and the poetry of early modern England. The journal welcomes submissions that examine Spenser's place in literary history, the social and religious contexts of his writing, and the philosophical and conceptual problems he grapples with in his art. Beside articles directly concerned with Spenser's poetry, past issues have contained studies ranging from the diction of Stephen Hawes to female authorship in Mary Wroth's Urania to the influence of English Renaissance sonneteers on William Butler Yeats. The journal is the premier outlet for innovative work on Spenser and his poetic contexts, widely construed.


The Bend

The Bend is a showcase for the poetry and fiction of students, friends, and alumni of Notre Dame’s Creative Writing Program.