At Home In the Space Between, June 19-21

At Home in the Space Between

The 2015 conference of The Space Between society, “At Home in the Space Between,” focuses on the concept of home during the period 1914-1945.

"Home" as a space invites discussions of interiority, belonging, and family. It also conjures alternate conceptions of haunting, anxiety, and alienation. From notions of the Great War’s home front to the interwar period’s ‘back to home and duty,’ politicized notions of home are especially rich during this period. The innovative design and lifestyle experimentation of this period also invite studies of a domestic modernity. The conference “At Home in the Space Between” presents papers from all disciplines that consider home in the broadest sense as both space and concept.
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Sponsored by the Department of English, the Gender Studies Program, the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts, and the Program of Liberal Studies.
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