Name Specialties Email
Trish Bredar Nineteenth-Century British Literature; Romantic Literature; Victorian Literature; Diaries and Life Writing; Mobility Studies; Gender Studies; Disability Studies
Emily Donahoe Early modern literature, Shakespeare and Renaissance drama, classical and early modern rhetoric, media studies, Shakespeare and film
Jay David Miller Early American Literature, History, and Culture; Literature and the Environment; Book History and Print Culture; Religion and Theology; the Atlantic World
Chanté Mouton Kinyon Early 20th C. African American writers by examining their influence on and from Irish culture and literature
Anton Povzner Early British American colonial texts; community; group and individual identities; violence, computational text analysis
Dominique Vargas 20th & 21st century Literature of the Americas, Multi-Ethnic US Literature, Linguistics, Gender Studies, Comparative and Relational Race and Ethnic Studies
Arnaud Zimmern Early Modern literature, medicine, science, and religion