Sally Hansen

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Areas of Interest:
Late 19th and 20th century lyric poetry, phenomenology, trauma studies, history and theology of U.S. religions, sound studies, gender.

University of Virginia, BA; Yale Divinity School, Master of Arts in Religion; Yale Institute of Sacred Music, Certificate of Interdisciplinary Studies. 

Sally Hansen is a PhD student in the University of Notre Dame’s English Department. Her work explores music, memory, and silence in lyric poetry, with interest in historical erasure and religious violence. Intimacy, disjuncture, rhythm, and iconography orient her current research, which focuses on late Victorian and 20th century poets from Gerard Manley Hopkins to H.D., Susan Howe, and Claudia Rankine.


Review: “Hopkins Now: A Special Issue, eds. Lesley Higgins and Amanda Paxton,” Hopkins Quarterly,  Vol. XLVII, No. 1-2. 

Review: "Wild Belief, by Nick Ripatrazone." Fare Forward, Spring 2021.

Conferences and Presentations:
"Telling Moments and Speaking Silences: Queerness, Ritual and Race in Lydia Cabrera's Cuetos Negros de Cuba," University of Toronto, 2021.

“Musical Movement: Sacramental Translation in Joby Talbot’s Path of Miracles.” Yale Institute of Sacred Music, 2017.