Nicholas Babich

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Areas of Interest:  Old and Middle English; Anglo-Saxon heroic poetry; verse and meter in Old English, Middle English, and Medieval Latin; The Alliterative Revival; the Scholastic philosophical tradition; Tolkien, the Inklings, and fantasy literature.

Education:  BA (English; Linguistics): Pennsylvania State University


I am an English PhD student specializing in the medieval period.  My interests, though they overlap, are threefold. I study the verse traditions in early English that are characterized by their stress-based, alliterative meters: primarily Anglo-Saxon heroic poetry and later Middle English alliterative Romance, like the work of the Gawain poet.  I also study these metrical traditions with an aim to understand their similarities and differences: between Anglo-Saxon and Alliterative Revival meters, as well as Medieval Latin stress-based meters.  Last I study the scholastic philosophical tradition, both medieval and contemporary, with an aim at applying it systematically to other traditions of literary “theory.”

Scholarly Activity

Presenter with Richard Page: “The Environment of Homorganic Lengthening: Evidence from the Ormulum. Germanic Languages Annual Conference 24, May 2018.

Bibliographic Editor for Patrick Cheney, English Authorship and the Early Modern Sublime: Spenser, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Jonson. Cambridge, 2018.

Glossary Contributor for Patrick Cheney, David Lee Miller, and Joseph F. Loewenstein, The Collected Works of Edmund Spenser. Oxford, 2018.

Author of “Nam Virtus Perficitur in Infirmitate: Christian Baptism of the Heroic Tradition and The Battle of Maldon.” Pennsylvania State University Honors Thesis.  May 2019.