Nicholas Babich

Babich 2021



Areas of Interest:  Old and Middle English; Anglo-Saxon heroic poetry; verse and meter in Old English, Middle English, and Medieval Latin; The Alliterative Revival; the Scholastic philosophical tradition; Tolkien, the Inklings, and fantasy literature.

Education:  BA (English; Linguistics): Pennsylvania State University


I am an English PhD student specializing in the medieval period.  I am interested particularly in the interaction between the pagan and Christian, the secular and Christian, and the profane and the sacred at the structural level in medieval texts.  This has led me to study biblical allegory, medieval literary allegory and, generally speaking, different modes of symbolic literature.  My work hopefully will come to find a more systematic, broader, and more nuanced approach to these literary phenomena, especially in the Anglo-Saxon period.  My structural interest in literature has taken me sometimes into the realm of both theology and metaphysics, in which fields I have been indebted to the linguistic theory of Augustine, the artistic model of Boethius, and the metaphysical tradition of scholastics from Aquinas to Maritain.

Scholarly Activity

Managing Editor for Religion & Literature at the University of Notre Dame, Fall 2021 - 

“Think on the Bludy Serk: Form and Allegory in Henryson’s Poetic Corpus.” 16th International Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Scottish Literature and Language Summer, 2021 (Postponed due to COVID-19; forthcoming).

Fantasy and the Rhetoric of Victorian Realism in The Man Who Was Thursday.” NCA 107th Annual Convention, November 2021 (forthcoming).

“Robert Hugh Benson and the Catholic Agnostic.” NCA 107th Annual Convention, November 2021 (forthcoming).

Presenter with Richard Page: “The Environment of Homorganic Lengthening: Evidence from the Ormulum. Germanic Languages Annual Conference 24, May 2018.

Bibliographic Editor for Patrick Cheney, English Authorship and the Early Modern Sublime: Spenser, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Jonson. Cambridge, 2018.

Glossary Contributor for Patrick Cheney, David Lee Miller, and Joseph F. Loewenstein, The Collected Works of Edmund Spenser. Oxford, 2018.

Author of “Nam Virtus Perficitur in Infirmitate: Christian Baptism of the Heroic Tradition and The Battle of Maldon.” Pennsylvania State University Honors Thesis.  May 2019.