Mayra Cano

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Areas of Interest:
Latinx/Chicanx literature, 20th & 21st century American literature, Critical Race Theory, Queer Theory, Trauma Theory, Media Studies.

B.A. English and Chicano Studies, California State University Fresno

Mayra Cano is a first-year Ph.D. student in English at the University of Notre Dame where she is a Joseph Gaia Distinguished Fellow in Latino Studies. She holds a BA in English and Chicano Studies from Fresno State. Her research centers on the intersection between Latinidad, colonialism, and pop culture. She’s interested in literature and various forms of media which illuminate tensions and binaries regarding sexuality, power, family, and self-identification in Latinx narratives. In addition to her degree in English, she is also minoring in gender studies and Screen Cultures. Beyond her interest in academic research, Mayra is also interested in screenwriting and poetry. Her work appears in Reviewing Shakespeare, Sink Hollow, and Flies Cockroaches and Poets.

Recent Scholarly Activity:

"The Globe’s Much Ado About Nothing: Sombreros, Tequila, and Exoticization." Reviewing Shakespeare. Reviewing Shakespeare, 03 Oct. 2017.

“Mejorando la Raza: The Global and Domestic Internalization of the Spanish Colonial Casta System” Presenter. Undergraduate Conference on Multiethnic Literatures of the Americas, California State University, Fresno, March 10, 2017.

“Social Justice Through Literature” Presenter. Chicano Youth Conference, California State University, Fresno, January 28, 2017.