Kurt McGee

Areas of Interest
Transatlantic Modernism; the 20th Century Novel; Narratology; Critical Theory; Philosophies of Identity and Epistemology

MPhil, Trinity College Dublin
BA, Georgia Southern University


Kurt is a PhD student interested in the modernist novel and its examination of individuality. In particular his work explores the ways in which the introspective modernist narrative, simultaneously fascinated by the idea of authentic selfhood and with the proliferation of commodity culture, both subverts and participates in the burgeoning culture industries of the early twentieth century. Major authors worked on include Beckett, Joyce, Conrad, Woolf, Banville, and Nabokov.

Recent Scholarly Activity
“Beckett on Film and the Commodification of an ‘Irish Writer’” (Published article, Trinity Postgraduate Review 16.1, June 2017).

“‘Bad Politics and Bad Art’: John Banville’s Novels as Quest for the Individual” (Presentation, American Conference for Irish Studies. March 2017, University of Missouri-Kansas City).

“Problems of Selfhood and Authenticity in John Banville’s Late Fiction” (Master’s dissertation, August 2016).

“Meaningful Brutality: Formal Strategies of Violence in The Beauty Queen of Leenane and By the Bog of Cats” (Published article, Trinity Postgraduate Review 15.1, June 2016).