Kurt McGee

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Areas of Interest

Modernism; the 20 th Century Novel; Philosophy and Literature

MPhil, Trinity College Dublin
BA, Georgia Southern University


My work focuses on the literature and thought of the early twentieth century. I am fascinated by the formal methods Modernist novelists use to investigate changing ideas of self and interiority within the powerful external forces—total war, surveillance, commodity culture—of the era. My research influences are both historical (particularly looking at inventions and technology) and philosophical and some of the authors I work on include Conrad, Huxley, Joyce, and particularly Beckett. I also conduct research on later twentieth-century novelists such as John Banville, and on the evolution of privacy, surveillance, and censorship laws throughout the century.

Recent Scholarly Activity

“In Search of Multivocality: Periodical Studies and a Humanities Lab in Practice.”  Forthcoming in Modernism/modernity (early 2019)


“The Project of Resistance in Beckett’s Trilogy.” Presented at American Conference for Irish Studies, June 2018, University College Cork.

“‘Bad Politics and Bad Art:’ John Banville’s Novels as Quest for the Individual.” Presented at American Conference for Irish Studies, March 2017, University of Missouri-Kansas City.

“Beckett on Film, The Celtic Tiger, and the Commodification of an ‘Irish Writer.’” Presentation for Samuel Beckett & World Literature Conference, 2016; Published in Trinity Postgraduate Review 16.1, June 2017.