Kaden Ivy

Kaden Ivy

Email: kivy@nd.edu

Areas of Interest
Early American Literature, History, and Culture; Early American Political History; Drama as Genre; Performance Studies; Theater History; Print Culture

MA, English (Literature), Auburn University (2017)
BA, English, Freed-Hardeman University (2015) 

Kade Ivy is a PhD student in English specializing in early American literature and culture. He is particularly interested in the genre of drama and the various contexts in which it appears in the colonial and early republican periods. Why did political thinkers during the American Revolution turn to drama to satirize and criticize British colonial governors, even while theaters in Patriot-controlled territories were closed? To what extent did playwrights and their audiences conceive of the theater a site for the development of identity in the early United States? In short, what role(s) did drama—as genre, in performance, or both—play in early America? Kade’s early questions for his dissertation center around the extent to which we may conceive of a tradition of “unperformed,” or closet drama, a genre widely explored in the contexts of early modern and Romantic England, in early America. What does this body of texts reveal about genre, aesthetics, and form in early American literature?

Recent Scholarly Activity
“Considering Closet Drama in the Early Anthropocene: The Case of Crevecoeur’s ‘Landscapes’.”  Society of Early Americanists 11th Biennial Conference, Eugene, OR. March 2019 (forthcoming).

"Negotiating Peripheral Identity in Eighteenth-Century American Drama and Performance." American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies 49th Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL. March 2018.

“Treason Onstage!: Staging Capital Punishment Debates in William Dunlap's André.” Society of Early Americanists Special Topics Conference on Religion and Politics, St. Louis, MO. March 2018. 

 “‘With Great Ideas of Liberty and Law, They Claim the Rights Their Ancient Fires Possess’d’: Considering Antifederalism in Mercy Otis Warren’s The Ladies of Castile.” Society of Early Americanists 10th Biennial Conference, Tulsa, OK. March 2017.

“Tarry Town Meets Toontown: Walt Disney’s The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad and Postwar American Identity.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association 88th Annual Conference, Jacksonville, FL. November 2016.