Richard Fahey




Areas of Interest

Old English, Old Norse, Middle English and Anglo-Latin language and literature, monstrosity, philology, etymology, paleography, syncretism, stylistics, code-switching, riddles, magic and the poetic traditions of Medieval England and Scandinavia. 

B.A., History and Religion, University of Vermont; M.A., Medieval Studies, University of Toronto


Richard Fahey specializes in Anglo-Saxon literature and the complex relationship between Old English, Old Norse and Anglo-Latin literature. He is interested in characterizations of monstrosity (especially in the elegiac-heroic poem, Beowulf), issues of orality and literacy, poetic styles and traditions. Richard is also a contributor to Notre Dame’s medievalist hub, The Chequered Board, and editor for the “North Seas” projects (, including one featuring translations and recitations of Old English poetry, and has worked as an editorial assistant for Spenser Studies journal. Additionally, Richard is contributing a chapter to a collection of essays on teaching Beowulf in the 21st century, resulting from an NEH summer institute “Teaching Beowulf in the Context of Old Norse-Icelandic Literature” which Richard attended at Western Michigan University in 2016.  In addition to his studies, Richard is currently working on an avante-garde theatre project titled Monsterbane, which is a modern and multimedia rendition of Beowulf.