PhD Students




Ethan Anderson  Late Medieval English Literature; Chaucer; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Historicism.  
Heidi Arndt 20th & 21st century British and Irish Literature; Queer Theory; Narrative Theory; Gender; Women Writers  
Sarah Baber 17th-18th century British Literature; Milton; Music; Poetry and Poetics; Gender; Classical Reception  
Nicholas Babich Old and Middle English; Anglo-Saxon heroic poetry; verse and meter in Old English, Middle English, and Medieval Latin; The Alliterative Revival; the Scholastic philosophical tradition; Tolkien, the Inklings, and fantasy literature  
Mayra Cano Latinx/Chicanx literature, 20th & 21st century American literature, Critical Race Theory, Queer Theory, Trauma Theory, Media Studies.  
Kristen Carlson Nineteenth-century American Literature; Transatlantic and Transnational Romanticism; Literature and Science; Literature and Philosophy; Ecocriticism; Critical Theory  
Claudia Carroll Nineteenth-century Novel; Narrative Theory; Cognitive Narratology; Realism; Aesthetics; Irish Literature  
Shinjini Chattopadhyay Global Anglophone literatures, postcolonial literatures, world literatures, global modernisms, space and cosmopolitanism, textual criticism, periodical studies, multimedia composition, writing pedagogy  
Haylee Chavanne Postcolonial Literature, Theory of the Borderlands, Native American Renaissance Literature, Literatures of Africa and the Diaspora, Narratives of Resistance, 20th Century American Literature, Race Studies, Black and White Literary Identity  
Dong Hwan (Alex) Chun Early Modern Poetry & Drama, Classical Reception, Classical Literature & Rhetoric, Renaissance Humanism  
Zay Dale 20th Century African American Literature, Black Masculinity, Black and White Literary Racial Spaces, Transnational African American Literature, and Irish Drama   
Julian Dean Irish literature; Modernism; Postcolonial literatures and theory; Critical theory; and the Anthropocene  
Noemi Fernandez Labarga 20th and 21st century American Literature; African American Literature; Postcolonial Literature; Critical Race Theory; Gender and Sexuality Studies  
Spencer French 20th and 21st Century American Poetry; Religion and Literature; Race and Literature; Racial identities and the literary imagination; Contemporary Poetics; Devotional poetry; Lyric Poetry as resistance  
Sally Hansen Late 19th and 20th century lyric poetry, phenomenology, trauma studies, history and theology of U.S. religions, sound studies, gender  
Daniel Hellstrom Old and Middle English Literature; Old Norse; Medieval Folklore; Verse Structure  
Kaden Ivy Early American Literature, History, and Culture; Early American Political History; Drama as Genre; Performance Studies; Theater History; Print Culture  
Sara Judy 21st century poetry and poetics, devotional poetry, religion and literature, genre theory, lyric theory  
Hyunsoo Kim 20th & 21st century American Literature; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Feminist Theory; Psychoanalysis; Narrative Theory  
Jessica Kim British, Irish, and Anglophone modernism, postcolonial literature and theory, feminist and queer theory, psychoanalysis, the abject, the novel, race and transnational studies  
Mitchell Kooh Twentieth-century British and Irish literature, religion and literature, aesthetic theology and theological aesthetics, J. R. R. Tolkien and fantasy literature    
Arpit Kumar Long Eighteenth Century Literature and Culture, Eighteenth Century Sociability, Western Political Thought, Gender Studies, Anglo-Irish Literature, Literary Theory  
Kyriana Lynch Eighteenth and Nineteenth-century British and Irish Literature; Education and Mentoring in Women’s Writing; History of the Novel  
Miranda Macfarlane Eighteenth-century and Romantic British literature; Disability Studies; Intersectionality; Identity  
Laura MacGowan Eighteenth-century British Literature; Religion & Literature; Women Writers  
Alan McGee Modernism; twentieth-century history; privacy and literature  
Jake McGinnis 19th Century American, Ecocriticism, New Materialist philosophy  
Emily McLemore Old and Middle English Literature and Language; Representations of Women; Gender and Sexuality; Critical Theory; Pedagogy in Higher Education  
Matthew Mullin 17th Century British Literature; John Milton; Disability Studies  
Ollie Lopera Ortega

Latina/o literatures, Latin American literatures, late 20th and 21st century American literatures, migration studies, race studies, citizenship, gender theory, Education, Literacy  
Lau Ortiz-Mercado Early Modern literature, Shakespearean drama, theatre performance and staging, witchcraft and supernatural elements in theatre, genre theory, gender studies, fan theory, Shakespeare in popular culture  
Nathan Phelps Middle English romances, histories, and marvel collections; new materialisms, sound studies, and ecocriticism  
Logan Quigley Middle English literature, cognition, memory, spatial perception, history of science, pilgrimage  
Shela Raman Old English and Middle English language and literature, multilingualism, philology, postcolonial theory, critical race theory, monstrosity, medievalisms  
Abigail Rawleigh Early American Literature, History, and Culture; Early American Poetry, Devotional/Spiritual Writing; Puritan Spirituality; Religion and Literature  
Marie Shelton The novel & narrative theory; 19th-century American; drama & performance studies  
Anila Shree Eighteenth Century British Literature, Women’s Writing, Cultural Studies, The Novel, Theories of Fiction  
Kristen Sieranski 20th & 21st Century Irish Literature; Irish Drama; Trauma Theory; Performance Theory; ghosts and the supernatural; representations of the body  
Jennifer Thorup Early Modern Literature, Shakespeare, Performance Studies, Gender Studies, Book History, Theology, Classical Rhetoric, Comparative Studies, and Adaptation Theory  
Xiaohan Wang 19th-century American Literature, 19th-century British (Romantic and Victorian) Literature, the Novel, Literature and History  
Joshua Wright British Romanticism; Eco-criticism; Literature and War  
Julie Wilson Old and Middle English, books as physical objects (bibliography), late nineteenth-century America, reception history of medieval texts, English Renaissance drama