Thomas A. Werge

Professor Emeritus

Specialty: Colonial American religion and literature

Degrees: B.A., Hope College; M.A., Ph.D., Cornell University

Thomas A. Werge studies the relationships between literature and religious thought in the history of ideas, Dante, and the Calvinist and Puritan imaginations as they shape early and nineteenth-century American literature. He is also interested in the opposition and tension between gnostic and sacramental visions of experience and their expression in literary forms and ideas. He has written on Thomas Shepard, Melville, Twain, Simone Weil, T. S. Eliot, Sigrid Undset, and Dante. He is coeditor of the journal Religion and Literature. He has received the Sheedy Award and a Kaneb Award, both for excellence in teaching.


Contact Information
204 Decio Faculty Hall
(574) 631-7679

Postal address
Department of English
356 O’Shaughnessy
Notre Dame, IN 46556