MFA Alumni Reading Series Pt. 2


Location: Zoom reading

This will be a 2 night event to bring 4 past Creative Writing MFA students back to Notre Dame to read their newest works.  Readers will include Ali Araghi, Angela A. Bickham, Sheheryar B. Sheikh (Shero), and Jessica Maich.

Registration for the event must take in advance of the reading.  Registration can be completed here


Sheheryar B. Sheikh (Shero) publishes scholarship on apocalypticism in contemporary literature and film, and his doctorate focuses on trauma within post-9/11 American novels. His more recent novel, Call me Al: The Hero’s Ha-Ha Journey (HarperCollins India, 2019), is part critique and part celebration of Joseph Campbell’s concept of The Hero’s Journey, as well as a dark satire on political exile and messianism. Both his novels have been finalists for Pakistan’s only literary prize for English-language novels. Shero lives in Saskatoon, Canada, with his wife and son.   

Jessica Maich, a 1997 MFA graduate of the Notre Dame Creative Writing Program, has had poems published in journals as diverse as JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) and NCR (The National Catholic Reporter). Jessica’s chapbooks include The West End, Twenty-Four Questions for Billy, and Treatment Island. Her poems have also been included in the compilation  And Know This Place, Poetry of Indiana. She resides in South Bend, Indiana where she has taught in the writing program at St Mary’s College.