SENS: Jeremy Davidheiser


Location: 119 O'Shaughnessy Hall

The Seminar in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-century Studies (SENS) in the Department of English is pleased to announce its second presentation of the semester: “Charlotte Smith’s ‘Wandering Lover’: Geography and Gender Relations in Desmond and The Young Philosopher,” by Jeremy Davidheiser. Please join us for the talk on Wednesday, October 5, at 5:00 p.m. in 119 O'Shaughnessy, with discussion and conviviality to follow.

Jeremy Davidheiser is a second-year PhD student in the Department of English, with interests in the intersection of gender and radical politics in British Romanticism. He is planning a dissertation about representations of politically liberal men in the 1790s' fiction, specifically how adequately they can offer an alternative masculinity that will facilitate gender equality alongside political and economic reform. His SENS paper begins to probe this topic, and he welcomes feedback ahead of his presentation at the first dedicated Charlotte Smith conference in Chawton House next week.

SENS provides a regular gathering point for the Notre Dame interdisciplinary community of faculty and graduate students engaged with this area of studies. Seminars include lectures, workshops, works-in-progress, and much conversation by Notre Dame faculty and graduate students.