MFA 2nd Year Reading Fall 2016


Location: Fischer Community Center

Zachary Anderson & Chris Muravez blow out the lights and activate the mind via text and visuals.

Zachary Anderson hails from Cheyenne, Wyoming. He received Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and French from the University of Wyoming. He stayed on at UW for a master’s degree in literature, writing a thesis on race and Beat Generation masculinities. Zack is interested in anxiety-ridden poetry that explores gender performance, neurosis, late capitalism, and popular culture.

Chris Muravez finished his BFA in Creative Writing at Sierra Nevada College. He is a ten year veteran of the U.S. Army and the Army National Guard. His poetry focuses on exploring the damaging effects of war on both the society and the individual. His poems have been featured in The Mochila Review, Santa Clara Review, and South 85 Journal. He has also worked on the Sierra Nevada Review as an editor.