Creative Writing Program Reading: Richard Berengarten


Location: Hammes Bookstore

Richard Berengarten (previously known as Richard Burns) is a British and European poet who was briefly a visiting professor at Notre Dame in 1982.

Berengarten studied English at Cambridge and Linguistics at University College London. In 1975, he founded the international Cambridge Poetry Festival, which ran until 1985. He has lived in Italy, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, and the USA, and has worked extensively in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland and Russia. His poetry integrates English, European, Slavic, Jewish, Mediterranean, Chinese, Japanese and American traditions.

He is currently a Praeceptor at Corpus Christi College and Bye-Fellow at Downing College. He also teaches at Christ’s College, Emmanuel College, Jesus College, Pembroke College and Peterhouse, Cambridge. He has three children and two grandchildren. He lives with his partner Melanie Rein, a Jungian psychotherapist.

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