Recent PhD Dissertations

 Bredar, Patricia (May 2021), "Paths of Resistance: Walking Women in Nineteenth-Century Literature"

Donahoe, Emily (May 2021), "Propaganda and Deliberation: The Rhetoric of the Early Modern English Public Theater"

Moore, Chamara (May 2021), "Swapping Heeles for Capes: Black Womanhood, Speculative Fiction, and the White Imaginary"

Povzner, Anton (May 2021), "Bonds and Boundaries: Constructions of Community in Seventeenth-Century Anglo-American Colonies"

Sivinski, Stacy (May 2021), "Subversive Sensations: Reconsidering the Sensory in New Woman Literature”

Coogan, Sarah (August 2020), “Chosen Homelands: Nostalgia and National Identity in the British and Irish Modernist Epic”

Davidheiser, Jeremy (August 2020), “Heroic Masculinity and the Problem of Violence in British Political Fiction, 1790-1850”

Fink, Ala (August 2020), "Re-Forming Rightounessess: Milton's Hebraic Poetics"

Green, Danielle (August 2020), "Postal Forms in the Nineteenth-Century British Naturalist Novel"

Zimmern, Arnaud (August 2020), “Promising Panaceas in Early Modern English Literature” 

Conlan, John (May 2020), "Altered States: Biopolitics and Precarious Life in Flann O'Brien and James Joyce"

Miller, Jay (May 2020),  "Quaker Literary Agrarianism in the Atlantic World, 1650-1800"

Smith, Caitlin (May 2020), "Forms of Skepticism: Literary Performances of Doubt from Jonathan Edwards to Herman Melville"

Fahey, Richard (January 2020), "Enigmatic Design and Psychomachic Monstrosity in Beowulf"

Housley, Marjorie (August 2019), "Queer Time & the Ethics of Emotion in Medieval North Atlantic Heroic Literature"

Lewis, Eric Alan (August 2019), "Antagonistic Reading: Metalepsis and the Intrusive Reader"

Schepers, Jacob (August 2019), "Making Do: Towards a Poetics of Limit Through Technological and Embodied Means"

Bohne, Amanda (May 2019), "Managing Death: Women's Networks of Private and Civic Responsibility in Medieval England"

McMillan, Margaret (May 2019),  "I Improve this Opportunity to Write to You: Hawaiian Writers to American Readers in the Nineteenth Century."

Simpson, Meagan (May 2019), "Fictionalizing Adam and Eve in Nineteenth-Century British Literature"

Snyder, Jillian (May 2019), "Sincere Performances: The Affective Scripts of the Pulpit and Stage in Post-Reformation England" 

Soto, Cesar (May 2019), "Religion and Revolution in a Transatlantic Frame: The Cases of English, Irish, and Mexican Literature (1789-1832)"

Winsor, Nicole (January 2018), "In the Wake of Revival and Revolution, 1915-2005: Postcolonial Modernist Theatre and Performance in Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand"

Ensley, Mimi (January 2018), "Re-forming the Past: The Medieval Romance Book as a Dynamic Site of Memory." 

Gardner, Tyler Duane (July 2018), "Writing Reality: The Master Chord and Wider Views in Antebellum America"

MacDonald, Leanne (July 2018), "Transcending Boundaries: Non-Binary Gender in Old and Middle English Saints’ Lives"

Harrington, Marjorie (January 2018), "Bilingual Form: Paired Translations of Latin and Vernacular Poetry, c. 1250-1350"

Prendergast, Finola (January 2018), "Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Moral Philosophy in Contemporary U.S. Literature"

Hernandez, Aleksandra (July 2017), "Patterns of Experience: Pragmatism, Perception, and Cultural Cognition in Modern American Literature"

Hershman, Emily (July 2017), "The Deadliest Century: Gender and Modernism in the Age of Total Warfare, 1895-1981"

Wharton, Jill (June 2017), "Dislocated Modernities: The Paradox of the Plantation in Twentieth-Century Irish and American Fiction"

Machulak, Erica (April 2017), "Knowing in Context: Distinguishing the Learned for the "Lewed" in Middle English Literature"

McCoul, Melissa (April 2017), "Come Play with Me: Theorizing Child's Play, Narrative World-Building and Imaginative Embodiment in Literature, 1749-1911." 

Murphy, Daniel (April 2017), '"The Technics of Realism: Media and Social Reportage in Narrative Art After 1965."


Milberger, Kurt (April 2017), "The Beasts' Progress: Animals in the British Religious Imagination, 1640-1800."

Santin, Bryan (April 2017), "Imagining the American Right: Postwar Fiction, Race, and the Rise of Modern Conservatism, 1945-2005"

Duncan, Joel (August 2016), "The Song in the Machine: Organic Forms of American Poetry"

VanHoozer, Emma (July 2016), "Problems in Poetics: Robert Creeley in Poetry and in Practice"

Khokhlov, Semyon (July 2016), "Marcel Duchamp, Gertrude Stein, and the Modernist Loss of Autonomy"

Murphy, Robinson (July 2016), "Castration Desire: Less Is More in Global Anglophone Literature"

Klein, Andrew (June 2016), " Along English Borders: Imagining Transnational English Identity in the Premodern World, 1200-1500"

Ransom, Emily (June 2016), "Redeeming Complaint in Tudor and Stuart Devotional Lyric"

Matos, Angel (April 2016), "Feeling Infinite: Affect, Genre, and Narrative in Young Adult Queer Literature"