JD/MA in English

In 1991, the Law School and the Department of English instituted a program that allows JD students to earn an MA in English. To complete the MA, students typically take 21 hours of English courses and count nine hours of courses within the JD curriculum toward the MA degree. Normally, program participants would pursue the nonresearch MA; those who opt for the research MA must also complete an additional six hours of thesis research.

Since the Law School allows nine hours of electives, program participants may complete nine of the required 21 hours of course work in English during the regular three-year course of study toward the JD degree. The other 12 hours may be completed  by enrolling for an additional semester after completing the JD degree.. Upon admission to the program, the student creates a program of study with the advice of the director of graduate studies in English and the assistant dean for students in the Law School. The program of studies is coordinated by the Graduate School.

The program is open only to students already admitted to the Law School. Program participants must be admitted to the program through the procedures of the Graduate School and the Department of English.

For an application, please contact the Graduate School.