Career Preparation & Placement

Preparation for the Profession: Teaching and Scholarship

The English Department offers all graduate students a variety of teaching opportunities and professional preparation activities, all designed to provide students with important professional experience and to place them in a highly competitive position for entering the job market.


All students entering the dissertation phase of the program participate in area studies seminars in which faculty and graduate students discuss student projects and student writing in a workshop atmosphere. In the spring semester of their penultimate year of study, students enroll in a "Writing for the Profession" practicum, which concentrates on preparing papers for academic conferences, submitting essays for publication to academic journals, and developing strategies for entering the job market. Students take another practicum in the fall of the last year of study which concentrates on preparation for the job market, writing letters of application and teaching portfolios, preparing for interviews, and developing job talks.


"Teaching Literature" is an integral component of the introductory course to Graduate Studies, required of all beginning students. Students learn to teach writing in a practicum, taken the semester before teaching Writing and Rhetoric, and in a set of intensive orientation meetings, usually at the beginning of the second year. Graduate students in English typically teach upper-level literature courses early in their graduate careers, often in the third year of graduate studies. Students teach at least two semesters of Writing and Rhetoric. They never teach more than one class a semester and class enrollments are limited to seventeen students.

Recent Placements

In the last five years, we have placed graduate students in a variety of tenure-track positions, such as:

 Sara Baechle University of Mississippi
 Karen Clausen-Brown Walla Walla University
 Ailbhe Darcy Cardiff University
 Melinda Dille-Nielsen Baylor University   
 Joel Dodson  Southern Connecticut State University
 Erin Drew University of Mississippi
 Joel Duncan University of Gothenburg
 Mimi Ensley Flagler College
 Hilary Fox Wayne State University 
 Yugon Kim Pusan National University
 Andrew Klein St. Thomas University
 Angel Matos Bowdoin College
 Emily Ransom University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
 Bryan Santin Concordia University Irvine
 Misty Schieberle University of Kansas
 Joseph Teller College of the Sequoias
 Heather Treseler Worcester State University
 Craig Woelfel Flagler College


Our recent graduates also teach full-time at institutions as varied as Ohio University, Goshen College, Florida Atlantic University, and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Recent graduates also are employed as academic advisors, high school teachers, independent writers, editors, and lawyers.