MFA 1st & 2nd Years Reading


Location: Andrews Auditorium, Geddes Hall

Thomson Guster, Erik-John Fuhrer, Ingabirano Nintunze, and Grace Polleys.

Erik-John Fuhrer dominates the blank space with sickness and nightmares that morph into animals. Slanderous, his dog says.

Thomson Guster is a fiction writer, or he might be fiction, or he might be a clone of a fiction writer. We aren’t sure yet.

Ingabirano Nintunze writes of werewolves and witches, of angels and gods, of measly human beings, but perhaps Gabi doesn’t write at all. Perhaps, she tells of prophecies.

Grace Polleys produces music, poetry, and prose- all at once, with the brilliant efficiency of a machine writing noir and filming soap operas.


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