Thomas McGonigle


Location: Hammes Campus Bookstore


Biography: Thomas McGonigle of Patchogue, Brooklyn, Dublin, Sofia, Douglas, AZ.

Lives in Manhattan.

Educated at St. Francis de Sales School, Patchogue High School, University College, Dublin, Beloit College, Hollins College and Columbia University for what it was all worth…

Worked as a foot messenger for Maple Vail Book Manufacturing Co, NYC 24 years… Occasionally taught creative writing at Rutgers University and New York University and then and now continuing to teach freshman composition at CUNY…

 +++Three novels: The Corpse Dream of N. Petkov, (Dalkey Archive/Northwestern University Press)

                             Going To Patchogue, (Dalkey Archive)

                              St. Patrick’s Day another day in Dublin (University of Notre Dame Press)

+++Many other books to be published most likely in heaven as Jack Kerouac understood.

+++Poems published in Arena (Dublin), Poetry Ireland, The Gorey Detail (Ireland), Broadsheet  (Dublin), Screw

+++Prose in various forms in Bomb, Arts Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Newsday, Washington Post, The Gorey Detail, Cream City Review, The Guardian (London), Notre Dame Review, Art in America, Bookforum

Founder and Editor of Adrift Irish and Irish American Writing.

Three wives and two children successfully into the world debt free.

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