Martin Ott


Location: Hammes Bookstore

Martin Ott reads on February 17, 2016 at 7:30 PM in the Hammes bookstore.

In Underdays, Martin Ott writes a book about love and war in poems that represent different eras, voices, and influences. This is a journey that combines the author’s new work, old work reimagined, and multiple voices (internal and external) in a conversation with his older and younger selves – his Underdays – to chart a path forward. The author combines global concerns alongside personal ones, in conversation between poems or within them, to find meaning in his search for what drives us to love and hate each other.

Born in Alaska and raised in Michigan, Martin Ott served as an interrogator in U.S. Army military intelligence. He moved to Los Angeles to attend the Masters of Professional Writing Program at USC, and often writes about his adopted city, including in the novel The Interrogator's Notebook (currently being pitched by Paradigm as a TV pilot) and poetry book Captive, De Novo Prize Winner, C&R Press.

Social and political themes are prevalent in all of his books, particularly Poets' Guide to America and Yankee Broadcast Network, coauthored with John F. Buckley, Brooklyn Arts Press and his short story collection, Interrogations, Fomite Press (2016).

His Writeliving blog - - has been read by more than 25,000 people in 100+ countries. More at

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