Mellon-ISLA Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Workshop


Location: 107 O'Shaughnessy Hall

All are invited to the fourth session of the Mellon-ISLA Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Workshop on “New Media: From the Middle Ages to the Digital Age,” featuring the following speakers:

Emily Ransom (Department of English): “The Polemical Press: Thomas More, Brixius, and Early Print Rivalry”

Richard Oosterhoff (2012-2013 NDIAS Graduate Fellow, History and Philosophy of Science): “Printing Dissent in Lyons: The Case of Symphorien Champier”

Maggie Nerio (Department of English): “Reformist Autobiography: Harriet Martineau’s Character Studies of the ‘Serious’ and ‘Earnest’”

Ana Velitchkova (Department of Sociology): “Transnational Communication through the Iron Curtain and Modernity in State-Socialist Eastern Europe”

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