Zoe Darsee Sept2021


Mailing Address:
Creative Writing Program
English Department
University of Notre Dame
233 Decio Hall
Notre Dame IN 46556

Email: zdarsee@nd.edu

Oberlin College, BA in Classics

Area of writing: Poetry


Zoe Darsee (b. 1991) has spent most of her life between Texas and Berlin. In 2014, she co-founded TABLOID Press with poet and artist Nat Marcus. The publishing initiative is a social one; it aims to facilitate collaboration, to uphold the poetics of the local.

Darsee's textual work toys with the speculative and bureaucratic. She is interested in the resilience of revealing something through its absence or outline. Some of her poetry can be found online in the archives at dittoditto, PRELUDE, TINGE Magazine, and KEITH LLC.