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Mailing Address:
Creative Writing Program
English Department
University of Notre Dame
233 Decio Hall
Notre Dame IN 46556

Email: mdwyer6@nd.edu

The College of New Jersey, BA in English

Area of writing: Poetry


Mary Dwyer courts obsession with both the quotidian and the surreal. Through her poetry, she is interested in exploring the ways in which trauma and institutional rigidity fragment our language, our psyches, and our relationships to corporeal life and time. Her poems blend exhumed artifacts from dreams with blips of mundane experience; pit archetypal cadences of nursery rhyme against bursts of clinical prose. 

After studying English and Creative Writing at The College of New Jersey, she worked in the college textbook industry for four years and served as an administrative assistant at a boarding school for three. She finds inspiration in traversing cityscapes, collaging, listening to people talk, and peering in lit windows at night.