A lover of travel, having spent most of the last two years abroad, Kelsey Castaneda will always call the Kentucky bluegrass home. Kelsey received her B.A. in 2014 from Georgetown College, where she studied English and Classics. She spent a summer studying Creative Writing in Prague, and a semester at Oxford studying Shakespeare and Ovid. Most recently she took a gap year and taught English in Slovakia through the Fulbright Program.

During three of her four years at Georgetown College, Kelsey was the Student Editor of the college’s literary magazine, the Georgetown Review. She is proud to have her poem “You Are Constellations” published in the magazine’s very last issue for spring 2015. Some of her major literary influences are e e cummings, James Joyce, Ovid, T. S. Eliot, Sir Philip Sidney, Vergil, Milton, J.K. Rowling, and Shel Silverstein. Her work is also heavily influenced by art and her travels. Kelsey’s other interests include hiking, shopping of any kind, music festivals, and rewatching old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.