Sarah Roth was born in rural Washington and raised in suburban Florida. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University in St. Louis in International and Area Studies in 2013. She wrote her senior thesis on collective memory and sites of violence in post-dictatorship Spain.

While in St. Louis, Sarah was a member of WUSLam, Washington University’s spoken word poetry team. With the group and independently, she has led writing workshops for undergraduate students and for youth. More recently, she has developed and participated in “The Writing Shelter,” a program for residents of the Tower Grove Women’s Safe House.

Sarah’s previous positions of employment have included: copyeditor and content strategist for an office of public affairs, victim advocate at the St. Louis Domestic Violence Court, sari-ed waitress at a vegetarian restaurant run by the disciples of a corporate guru, plant ecology field research assistant, and director of a kids’ rogue thespian troupe.

Sarah enjoys writing very short fiction and very long poetry. She has work published and forthcoming in Spires literary magazine. She is currently transcribing and translating a number of orally collected folk tales from Judeo-Spanish to English for publication.

Special interests include vocal percussion, mountains, social justice, hybrid languages, and the good sort of Existentialism. Sarah would probably like to go on an adventure with you. Some of her work may be found at